The Hickory Grove Quartet was formed around 1990 at Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church near Four Oaks, North Carolina.  Our homecoming was quickly approaching and someone suggested that some men from the choir form a quartet to sing at the homecoming service.  So it began, Sandy Stephenson(Tenor), Fred Honeycutt(Lead), Gene Stephenson(Baritone), Randy Parker(Bass) and Judy Pender, aka "Pearl" (Pianist).  We began singing in churches and at local events.  The Lord was leading Fred to include the quartet in a rest-home ministry that he had been involved in for several years.  We began that ministry in the early 1990's and continue to have a service at a rest home monthly.  In our efforts to deliver a blessing through music to these residents, we always feel tremendously blessed when we leave.  Around the twenty-year mark we felt the Lord calling us to do additional mission work.  Our first mission trip was in Marlinton, West Virginia where we worked on construction projects, sang for shut-ins, and sang in local prisons.  Later we were able to participate in a fundraiser for a church in Virginia that was destroyed by a tornado. Since that time there have been numerous opportunities to serve God.  We count it a blessing to minister in His name.  When Sandy resigned from the Quartet because of family obligations,  Brian Dixon, another member of the Hickory Grove Choir, replaced him.  The quartet is blessed to have Tim Thompson as the sound technician.

Fred Honeycut is an original member of the Hickory Grove Quartet.  Fred sings lead and resides near
Four Oak, NC.

Randy Parker is an original member of the Hickory Grove Quartet.  Randy sings bass and resides near
Four Oaks, NC.

Steve Aldridge, the newest member of The Hickory Grove Quartet, sings baritone and is a member of Princeton Church of God.  Steve sang with his family for many year and was also a member of the Glory Road Quartet.   He resides near Clayton, N.C.

Brian Dixon has been a member since early 2000.  Brian sings tenor and resides near Angier, NC.